Can we talk?…..about poop?

Combine the recent acquisition  of my PN certification with the imminent over consumption of sugars and other processed foods, and it may be easy to understand why nutrition is on my mind. Anyway, I wanted to go into a little more detail about the importance of food choice in terms of overall health. Pretty much all your body functions, including metabolism, are run by hormones. These hormones generally get their marching orders from your gut. So if there is something amiss in any part of this massive organ you could be experiencing a myriad of symptoms. More and more research is being done that links things like depression, arthritis, diabetes, weight issues, ADHD, autism, alzheimers, many cancers, brain fog, autoimmune disorders among many others, to gut dysfunction. If your gut isn’t functioning well, it won’t be able to accurately mobilize your hormones and then, well, it all goes down the crapper. Literally. So, if you are experiencing any of these symptoms and more, think about looking into gut dysfunction. Now we get to the poop part of my chat. Check your poop.It can tell you things. Generally speaking, you should be pooping 1-3 times daily with great ease. It should be a fairly well formed log or somewhat like soft serve ice cream. And if you are reading a chapter or two of War and Peace while you go? Probably not good. If this sounds like you, maybe check with a medical professional. Gut issues do not only manifest as bloating and gas. So, check it out, call your Dr. or me, and feel better. And remember, I am listening.