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Can we talk?…..about poop?

Combine the recent acquisition¬†¬†of my PN certification with the imminent over consumption of sugars and other processed foods, and it may be easy to understand why nutrition is on my mind. Anyway, I wanted to go into a little more detail about the importance of food choice in terms of overall health. Pretty much all […]

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brain power

Tonight I wanted to talk a little bit about the power of your brain to create your own reality. Henry Ford said it most succinctly. ” Whether you believe you can, or believe you can’t- you’re right”. If you are looking to make changes in your health or fitness plans, the power of belief goes […]

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new classes

hello all. I have been thinking about a couple of new classes and was wondering what sort of interest there would be. First, I was thinking of having another Intro to kettlebells class, in case there are those of you out there who might want to join in but are not familiar with the bells. […]

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my colorful morning

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So the run or dye was this morning. Had a great time and was lovely shades of neon by the end. A lot of folks were walking the course as it is not a timed race. If you have ever considered committing to a race as motivation to train, this would be an ideal venue. […]

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Third 3rd thursday on Thursday

Full disclosure. I totally plagiarized the title from Wednesday’s Chronicle. I thought it was fun. Anyway, today is 3rd thursday in downtown Willimantic. I have a booth up by the old YMCA building. Come on down, have some great food, listen to some great music, visit with friends and soak up that community spirit. Stop […]

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Let’s walk

Looking to incorporate more activity into your day but not sure where to start? Why not go for a walk. Walking is great exercise, can be done just about anywhere by just about anyone. I would suggest picking up a pedometer. anything from an app for your phone to a wearable activity monitor. Start by […]

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Welcome to hilltop wellness

So here it is, my maiden blog post! Bear with me while I feel my way around. My approach to wellness is a bit holistic, encompassing a little bit of everything to create a personal wellness plan. So, I plan to post workouts and nutrition hints as well as how to incorporate fitness and essential […]

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