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Back in the habit…

No, I am not joining a convent! It has been almost a year since my last post about habits and about half a year since my last post so apparently my little discourse on habits was ineffectual. Even for me. So, let’s try this again. I have a new planner and new resolve to organize […]

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Today I wanted to talk about habits. It wasn’t what I had originally envisioned for my next post, which had been planned for last week. I had all sorts of workouts in mind, getting started in the, well let’s go ahead and say it, the fitness habit. But that is not why I am writing about […]

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Let’s walk

Looking to incorporate more activity into your day but not sure where to start? Why not go for a walk. Walking is great exercise, can be done just about anywhere by just about anyone. I would suggest picking up a pedometer. anything from an app for your phone to a wearable activity monitor. Start by […]

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