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So, I was on my way to a Natural Solutions class this morning as usual looking forward to sharing my  love for essential oils with people looking to live a healthier lifestyle. Life is good. But also, somewhat uncharacteristically for me, I was feeling somewhat angry and frustrated. I was having a hard time dealing […]

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Back in the habit…

No, I am not joining a convent! It has been almost a year since my last post about habits and about half a year since my last post so apparently my little discourse on habits was ineffectual. Even for me. So, let’s try this again. I have a new planner and new resolve to organize […]

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Happy New Year

Here we are at the end of another year! They just seem to go by faster all the time. I know many of you are planning your resolutions for 2015. I also know many of those resolutions involve weight loss, fitness or improved health of some sort. Unfortunately, most of those resolutions will be forgotten […]

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Can we talk?…..about poop?

Combine the recent acquisition  of my PN certification with the imminent over consumption of sugars and other processed foods, and it may be easy to understand why nutrition is on my mind. Anyway, I wanted to go into a little more detail about the importance of food choice in terms of overall health. Pretty much all […]

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Warrior Dash part deux

Well, here I am, three weeks out from my warrior dash. Egad. If you know me, you know that running really isn’t my thing. It is really the one thing about the warrior dash (besides my bete noir-the 20ft wall climb!!) that I find most difficult. I had not been out for a run in […]

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brain power

Tonight I wanted to talk a little bit about the power of your brain to create your own reality. Henry Ford said it most succinctly. ” Whether you believe you can, or believe you can’t- you’re right”. If you are looking to make changes in your health or fitness plans, the power of belief goes […]

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Planning for the week

Sundays are a great time to plan for the week ahead. Put your workouts in your calendar so they don’t get pushed aside when you get busy. Plan and prepare your meals for at least the first half of the week. It will make it easier to stay on track if you have a plan […]

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run or dye

If any of you have ever trained with me, I imagine there have been times you really wanted to throw something at me! Well, now is your chance. Next Saturday I am running in the run or dye 5k in Hartford. While it may not be a kettle bell aimed at my head, you do […]

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staying hydrated

It’s important to stay well hydrated on these hot, humid  days of summer. Keep water handy and drink it all day. If you get bored with plain water, try adding some citrus or cucumber slices. A great way to start your day,  as well as giving your digestive system a kickstart, is to chug a large […]

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Let’s walk

Looking to incorporate more activity into your day but not sure where to start? Why not go for a walk. Walking is great exercise, can be done just about anywhere by just about anyone. I would suggest picking up a pedometer. anything from an app for your phone to a wearable activity monitor. Start by […]

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