Here we are on a Sunday night. I hope we all had a good week and a great weekend. Are you ready for the week ahead? Meals  planned? Workouts scheduled? Great! Any new habits in the making? Remember, decide on a change small enough to prevent failure. Looking to start a workout routine? How about starting with one. As in one swing, one push up, one squat. Any one can fit that in. If you end up doing more well then great but at least do one. If you are looking for a little bit more of a workout, I am here to help. I plan to do my simply sinister pair plus this week. If you want to join in, awesome. Here is the plan: 10 sets of 20 swings, descending sets of push ups starting with 10 then 1 turkish get up. So it goes like this: 20 swings followed by 10 pushups followed by 1 TGU each side. Then 20 swings, 9 push ups and 1 TGU etc until you get to 10 swings right/10 swings left, 1 tricep push up and 1 TGU each side. Then you are done. I have made it slightly more sinister with these slight changes: sets 1-5 of swings are two handed, sets 6-10 are 10 right/10 left. push ups: sets 1-5 regular hand placement. sets 6-10 are tricep push ups! Do this for time, let me know how you get on. If you are just getting started with kettle bells,  please have someone teach you proper form and start with this work out: Every minute on the minute do ten swings for 5 sets then EMOM do 12 swings for 5 more sets finally EMOM do 15 swings for 5 more sets for a total of 15 minutes. Easy peasy. If you are not into the ‘bells just get outside and walk. Add some pushups on trees or rocks or benches or whatever you can find. Also add in some intervals of high speed walking to challenge yourself. Enjoy the beautiful day. This should keep you busy for the week. Any questions or thoughts, drop me a line, I am listening.