Zucchini as work out tool?

Just kidding. But really, as much as I love zucchini, this time of year I am running out of creative ways to use all my produce so using it in my workout is not beyond the realm…Thoughts anyone? Seriously though, happy Friday all, I hope you have some outdoor activities planned for the weekend. Don’t forget to plan your workouts and meals for the week. If you have started a walking regimen, why not try adding some upper body to your walks. Find a rock or a tree or a bench or anything that will create an incline to allow you to do pushups. just a few sets of 10-12 reps are great.Starting on Sunday, I plan to share a few workouts both kettle bell and non. I will be starting with my “perfectly sinister pair plus” which I have tweaked a bit since I last shared.If you are interested in doing the kettle bell workouts with me but have never learned how to properly do these exercises, please find a qualified professional to show you.Let’s avoid injury.  If you are interested in forming a class with me , leave me a comment. I am listening.