Today I wanted to talk about habits. It wasn’t what I had originally envisioned for my next post, which had been planned for last week. I had all sorts of workouts in mind, getting started in the, well let’s go ahead and say it, the fitness habit. But that is not why I am writing about habits today. I am writing about habits because it was brought home to me, quite forcefully, how difficult it can be to create new habits in your life. When my website first went up, I was very excited, motivation was high. “I am going to blog every day!” I tell myself with great enthusiasm. “I have so much to share, I am going to rule the internet!!” Ha. I started strong, becoming more sporadic as life got in the way. I was not making the time to sit and write. I was feeling a bit of, self imposed, pressure to be clever and witty as well as informative. One day became a week and well you know the rest. Which led me to writing todays post. This is much the same process one goes through when trying to implement a new fitness and/or nutrition plan. If you are relying on motivation to get you to your goals, stop! That will work great at the beginning when it is new and exciting. But the new fades, reality sets in and it’s just not fun any more. Old habits creep back in. They are your comfy wooby. But they are not your friend.There are all sorts of theories out there about how long it takes to create a habit etc. but bottom line is, you have to break down your goals into manageable bites, a little at a time. Find one small thing that will lead you to your goal that is so easy, so manageable, that you CANNOT FAIL. When that is comfy, add another small piece and so and so on until your goal is a habit. It may take longer but it is sure to succeed and who can argue with success. As for me, I plan on writing one sentence a day until a post is complete. I may end up writing a whole post at once but if I only write one sentence,I have achieved my goal. If you have some goals that you need help with, drop me a line. I am listening.

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