Happy New Year

Here we are at the end of another year! They just seem to go by faster all the time. I know many of you are planning your resolutions for 2015. I also know many of those resolutions involve weight loss, fitness or improved health of some sort. Unfortunately, most of those resolutions will be forgotten by February. If there are changes you want to incorporate into your life, don’t wait until the new year. Start taking steps to achieve change right away. That being said, here we are at the new year and if you do in fact have health related resolutions and would like some help making those resolutions a reality instead of a memory, drop me a line. I can certainly help with that. Jumping on board the latest diet fad or exercise plan rarely works in real life. Counting calories is more often than not, an exercise in futility. ( more on that later).A membership at the gym only helps if you actually go.  What I can do is help you make small changes that will become habits. Create strategies for when life invariably gets in the way. A personalized plan that is built around YOUR lifestyle, your likes and dislikes. Are your workouts on track but the nutrition needs tweaking? Pretty confident in the kitchen but need help staying active? Looking to boost your health with essential oils? Lets sit down and figure it all out. Success is attainable. Together we can make it happen. Have a happy and safe New Years Eve, don’t drink and drive and I will see you next year. I am listening. P.S. Don’t forget that I have online training